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    Geographical Location

The Municipality of Madridejos is one of the three (3) Municipalities comprising the island of Bantayan located on the Western portion of the northernmost tip of mainland Cebu. It is bounded on the North, East and West by the Visayan Sea; and on the South by the Municipality of Bantayan. The Municipality of Madridejos can be reached by boat from Cebu City via Sta. Fe or by land from Cebu City to Hagnaya wharf , and then by ferry boat to Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island. Then travel by bus to Madridejos via the Municipality of Bantayan for about one (1) hour.

Class : 5th
Annual Income:(As of 1996) P 13,316,238.00
No. of Barangays: 14
Total Land Area (Cadastral Survey): 4,036

Land Classification as of (Latest Year)
   Arable Area: 2,221.72 Has.
   Residential : 25.64 Has.
: 3.00 Has.
   Industrial : 2.00 Has.
   Certified Alienable /Disposable Land: 20.00 Has.
   Classified Forest/Reservation/Timberland: none
   Wildlife/Military Reserve Land : none
   Unclassified Forest Land/Wilderness : none
   National Parks/Playgrounds : 25.66 Has.

The Municipality of Madridejos has a relatively flat topography with 0-3 degrees slopes domonating the area that comprises approximately 92.816 hectares.

Climate :
Madridejos belongs to the fourth type of climate in the Philippines.Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. The area is open to the Northeast monsoon, vast tradewinds and southwest monsoon. The general direction of winds are as follows: October to January - north to east ; February to April - east to southwest; and May to September - southernly.

Soil Type :
Bolinao clay Bolinao clay steep phase Beach sand


Population: (Latest NCSO Survey-1994 ) 25,746
No. of Household
Labor Force: 13,633

    Infrastructure and Utilities Road Network  

National Road: Kms.
Provincial Road: 7.1 Kms.
Municipal Road : 4.643 Kms.
Barangay Road : 23.010 Kms.
Ports (Domestic/International): None
Airport (If any): None

Schools (Public & Private)

         Elementary: 12
High Schools: 1
College: None
Public Library: None
Public Market: 1 Multi-purpose Building: 2
Recreation Courts/Centers : 9

Transportation Services
         No. of Buses: 3
         No. of Jeepneys : 10
         No.of Tricycles: 31
         No. of Trisicads

         No. of Post Office: 1
         No. of Telephone Stations: 1
         No. of Telex Services: None
         No. of Telegraphic Stations: 1

         Source of Electricity: Bantayan Island Electric

 No. of Barangay Served: 14
         No. Household Served:

         Source of Water: Mun. Water System
         No. of Households Served:

    Financial Intermediaries  

No. of Commercial Banks and Money Shops: None
No. of Government Banks: None
No. of Savings Banks: None
No. of Rural Banks: 1
No. of Lending/Financing Institutions: None
No. of Cooperatives within the area: 3

    Trade and Industry  

Commercial   Establishments  

Type of Business   No. of Establishments

Sari-sari Stores
Restaurants & Cafeterias
Fresh Fish & Meal Retailers
General Merchandising
Service and Repair Shops: 7
Tailoring & Dress Shops
Pawnshops & Lending Investments
Lumber and Hardwares
Pharmacies and Drug Stores
Marketing Firms (Appliances, furniture,etc.)
Gasoline Stations: 1
Photo Shops & Beauty Parlors
Others (Pls. Specify)

Raw materials available within the area:

Types of Materials Est'd.Vol./Supply Suppliers/Producers
1. Maguey
2. Buri
3. Romblon
4. Bamboos
5. Coco products

Existing Skills

Percent (%) To Total Population
1. Carpentry
2. Masonry
3. Fishing
4. Welding

Existing Tourist Attraction/s Location

Geography | Demography | Infrastructure | Financial | Trade & Industry



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